After Poitiers in 1999, Montpellier, Toulouse,  Poitiers again, Grenoble, Paris, Montpellier again, Cherbourg in 2012 and Toulouse again in 2014, the 10th Conference of the French Society of Electrostatics (SFE) will be held a new time in the University of Poitiers from the Monday 29th of August 2016 to the Wednesday 31st. This international conference will be a forum allowing exchanges on the current research in Electrostatics and will give the occasion for specialists to meet and to share their experience in this field.

All manuscripts of participants will be included in a Proceeding with an ISBN (978-2-9505432-7-1). Next, the authors may submit to the Scientific Council their desire to publish their article in an international Journal offered by the conferences.

By a coincidence of the calendar, this year 2016 a “joint conferencebetween Electrostatic Society of America, Electrostatic Institue of Japan, Industry Applications Society (IEEE-IAS) Electrostatic Processes Committee and “La Société Française d’Electrostatique” will be held June 13 to 16 at the University of Perdue (West Lafayette, iN) in the USA (Joint Conference). Participants in this conference can, if they wish, make a communication on the same subject at the conference of the SFE in August.